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Lost your keys? No problem!

We’ll ship you out a new set for ten bucks.

IMPORTANT: When ordering new keys, you must provide the unique code ID etched into the XENA lock tool that came with your original key set. Remember to enter the code and the lock model into the “Message for merchant” window in your Shopping Cart.


(To register your XENA lock, go to the product registration tab at


所有的XENA鎖都配有獨立的產品序號(Serial no.)及匙碼(Key Code). 

請保管好產品序號匙碼. 這些資料都是用於往後在配匙及產品保修之用. 

產品序號(Serial no.) 為10個位的數字或英文字母組成. 

匙碼(Key Code) 由3個位英文字母及6位數字(X1, XZZ, XX6系), 或8位數字(XX10, XX14, XX15, X2, X3, XSU系)組成.